Health and Nutrition


Changing Lifestyles

Eating too much or too little food can be unhealthy. Today, most of us lead a much more sedentary lifestyle than Canadians did 50 or 100 years ago. Unfortunately, we have not reduced the amount of food we eat or adjusted our physical activity accordingly.

The 1890s Exercising on the farm
Glenbow Archives NA-1148-11
The 1910s Exercising at school
Archives of Ontario C 130-1-0-23-94
The 1950s Exercising at a picnic
Archives of Ontario C 330-14-0-0-84
The 1960s Exercising in the gym
Archives of Ontario F 794-6-12

Growing Bigger

Childhood obesity could lower life expectancy, with increased health risks leading to chronic illness, such as type 2 diabetes, at an earlier age.

Many Canadian children are overweight, or even obese, because they eat a lot of high-calorie foods and spend too much of their leisure time sitting in front of a computer or television.

“Over the past two decades, rates of overweight and obesity have nearly tripled among Canadian children.”
— Improving the Health of Canadians, Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2004

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