Labels and Packaging

Egg-Laying to Packaging

The Egg Story

Have you ever wondered how eggs get from the chicken to the carton? You may be surprised to discover how quickly the eggs are packaged, and how few eggs are damaged in the process.

Egg grading station operators candled, graded and packaged the eggs farmers sold to them for shipment and sale to retailers. The federal government established grading and station-operation regulations.

Egg Grading Station Sign, ca. 1950
J.H. Wilson & Son, Kinburn, Ontario
Artifact no. 1988.0266
“Humpty-Dumpty” Egg Carrier, ca. 1910
Cummer Mfg. Co., Cadillac, Michigan
Artifact no. 2001.0247

Pasteboard dividers or straw lined this carrier to protect eggs transported over rough country roads to market. This carrier holds twelve dozen eggs.

Cardboard egg carton


Styrofoam egg carton


Plastic egg carton


Egg Farmers of Canada
(external link: Egg Farmers of Canada)

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