Labels and Packaging

Label Reading 101

When you buy a packaged food product, such as this box of cereal, the label will give you the following information:

1. Common Name of the Food


2. Nutrition Facts Table

The amount of each nutrient in the cereal is based on the serving size identified at the top. The '%Daily Value' shows if the cereal has a lot or a little of that nutrient per serving, based on Canada's recommendations for a healthy diet.

3. List of Ingredients

The order in which ingredients are listed indicates their relative proportion by weight, from the largest to the smallest.


4. Best-Before Date

This is the date by which the unopened and properly stored container should be used. After this date, the food may lose some nutritional value or qualities such as flavour or texture.

Although common on food packaging, the best-before date is only mandatory for foods with a durable life of less than 90 days. When in doubt, throw it out!


5. Manufacturer's Name and Address


6. Net Quantity Inside the Package


Nutrition Labelling
(external link: Health Canada)

Nutrition Facts Table
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